Moonlight Falls Snowshoe

Moonlight Falls

February 19th 2017

Evan Thomas Day Use Trail head is 26 km from Hwy1. on Hwy 40 south. From the trail head take the wide old logging road and follow until the first major junction at 1.6km and turn right onto the Wedge Trail connector. This drops down to the creek and over the new bridge installed after the flooding. Continue up stream to the Falls at 3.0km and 3.75km. The falls are a favourite place for ice climbing.


Evan Thomas Trail

Evan Thomas Trail near the Trail Head

Andrew at the Evan Thomas Bridge

Andrew coming along the creek

Walking through the narrow section of Evan Thomas Creek

Carole on Evan Thomas Creek

Chantilly Falls

The first waterfall Chantilly Falls

Crossing an ice bridge

Moonlight Falls ahead

Returning from Moonlight Falls


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