Sunshine Village Delirium Dive

Bill at the top of the Dive

April 18th 2017

These pictures were taken over two separate days. We did two runs on Monday 17th in the morning and then the top disappeared in clouds. On Tuesday we got lucky with one sunny opening. After that run the clouds returned and we got the snow as shown on the last but one photo. Both days had fresh powder. The second run on Monday we tried the exit though Sugar Bowl and across under the cliffs to Fat Boy. Sugar Bowl was great but did not think it was worth the traverse to Fat Boy. The plus is you come out on Eagle Creek and do not have to walk. The minus is missing some sweet turns in Sweet and Low. Many thanks to Greg for taking the pictures and Kerry for the use of his avi gear.

Bill looking at Goats Eye from the top of the Dive

Part way down the Dive

Trying to make it look steep ” O ” it is. Top middle is the entrance of Bre-X. The photo foreshortens and flattens

Next turn is a steep one

Catching my breath part way down

Nice powder turns

Looking back at the fresh turns

Greg admiring his powder turns

Nice snow and turns in the Dive below Buffalo Jumps.

Then it snowed

Map of the runs


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