Sunshine Village Dec 12th

South Divide is now open

December 12th 2017

More runs continue to open at Sunshine Village. We now have the  South Divide which the sign is calling Piste Noir. The Angle Traverse just opened so that will help the beginner skiers. Angle Flight looks nearly ready to go. The weather has been absolutely fabulous. We are under a big high pressure from the south so no clouds, no new snow and warm weather. I remember it being called the Idaho high. Liking the clear blue sky’s but looking forward to some more snow.

Contrast to a week ago see picture below on opening Afterburner

Looking backuip Afterburner Goats Eye opening. See contrast to picture above

Snow farming taken from Goats Eye Chair

Very wind swept but the fences will farm enough snow to open a run under the chair

This is Upper After burner on Goats Eye

Looking down Upper Afterburner

This must be a change of name I call it South Divide not Piste Nior

Skiers coming down the South Divide ( Piste Noir)

Angle Traverse just opened in the afternoon

Trying out the Angel Traverse

Work crew getting the snow fences out of Angle Flight under the Divide Chair

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