Sunshine Opens Goat Eye Dec 5th

On the Divide Chair at Brewsters Rock. Seeing poachers tracks as not yet open

December 5th 2017

Sunshine Village opened up Goats Eye at 2 pm on Tuesday. Greg and I were on the Gondola on are way home when we realised that it had opened so with tired legs hopped off the gondola at Goats Eye station and got in a couple of runs. Runs open Sunshine Coast, Upper and lower Freefall, Gladerunner and maybe Scapegoat and Wildfire but did not check. Nice soft powder in Afterburner, ski pole went into 65 cm of snow. Spent most of the day in brilliant sun on Bye Bye Bowl. Upper Ecstasy and lower Ecstasy now open but not the road of Angels Traverse. Still awaiting the South Divide off the Green run. Great conditions getting some icy moguls on Wawa.

On the Great Divide at Bye Bye Bowl looking at The Monarch.

Goats Eye Afterburner opening day

Looking back up Afterburner Goats Eye opening


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