Sun at Sunshine Hard Snow

Sunshine Village - Photo # 1

March 25th Monday.Wow another beautiful day in the mountains.Late start so deceided to stay at Goats Eye all day.No wind and still very cold about -10c snow conditions were a bit hard and icy by mid afternoon the sun still had not softened the snow.

Sunshine Village - Photo # 2

Did a couple of runs down 74  Upper Afterburner and into the trees under the lift and then into the tress in the Goat Glades 88 Goatchicken, cut across to Afterburner Lower into the moguls.

Sunshine Village - Photo # 3

Sunshine Village - Photo # 4

Sunshine Village - Photo # 5

Then went down as the sign reads 83 Ewe First 84 Mother In Law 85 Goats Head Soup.Snow was fresher over in this area but a bity cruddy and crusty but the best area of the day.


Sunshine Village - Photo # 6

On top of the Cleavage before dropping into Ewe First.Good snow cover I remember this having lots of fencing and rocks in the passed

Sunshine Village - Photo # 7

Under the lift a sea of moguls 80 Freefall.



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