Spring Powder at Sunshine Village

Some fresh lines off Strawberry Chair ours are the figure eight in the middle

April 25th 2017

30 cm of fresh fluffy powder not a bad amount for the end of April. All the powder hounds were out and as I could not get up to the Village until 10 :00 there were very few un-tracked runs left. We started on Goats Eye but so did everyone else. The South Sides Chutes opened later in the morning after avi control but we were not at the right place at the right time and 50 skiers and boarders got in before us. Still lots of powder to go around. Best dump of snow of the season. Later in the afternoon the lower mountain warmed up and the snow became a lot heavier. The ski out is still open but gets a bit sticky after Goats Eye. Best to get the lift down.


Goats Eye Lift Super Model run



Coming down Scapegoat

Skiing down Upper Freefall

Lower Freefall at the rock band

Goat Chicken Glades

Goat Chicken Glades

South Side Chutes


Looking across the lower south side chutes


Back up towards Saddledome

Fresh tracks on the Ski Out

Saddledome the furthest over of the chutes


Bottom of Saddledome and Eagle Basin over the rise

Back up towards Saddledome

In Eagle Basin


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