Snowy day at Johnson Lake

Johnson Lake is a 3 kilometer loop with little elevation gain located in Banff National Park. The trail head is located in two different locations at Johnson Lake.  When you arrive at the parking lot the first trail head is located on your left side.  This trail will take you around the lake and bring you back past the small boardwalk.

Johnson Lake

Looking across towards Cascade Mountain

The second trail head is located past the small boardwalk, you will start your hike under the cover of forest which will lead you on a dirt path to the other side of the lake, coming out at the parking lot.  The trail consist’s of a dirt path which is under the cover of forest. You will notice while you are walking along the trail, that there are sitting benches located in different locations throughout the trail.

Johnson Lake and Mt Cascade

Johnson Lake and Mt Cascade

I highly recommend that you take an opportunity to have a rest stop and enjoy the different views of Mount Cascade and Mount Rundle. You will also notice while you are walking,  interpretive boards that provide information about the local parkland located at Johnson Lake.  The other side of the lake features an small boardwalk section which is great for sightseeing and taking in the views of Mount Cascade and Mount Rundle.Once the snow has fallen at Johnson Lake, for the winter season. Cross – Country skiers can enjoy 11 kilometers of trails to explore. In addition, the lake also is great for snowshoeing.  You can use the main trail head for snowshoeing which along the way provides excellent views of the Fairholm Mountain Range.



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