Snowshoe to Sundance Canyon

Sundance Canyon Trailhead is located at the Cave and Basin Historic Site in Banff National Park. The Cave and Basin is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in May 2013. First off, you have to park your vehicle outside of the entrance of the Cave and Basin Hot Springs. While the construction is happening, all of the trails around the Cave and Basin remain open for visitors. There is an large sign which is off to the right of the parking lot that reads “Trails Open”. This indicates the way to the start of the Sundance Canyon trail head.  Once on the trails, you will immediately notice a large information board and an sign that shows the way to Sundance Canyon.

Sundance Canyon

Sundance Canyon – Wrong Way

The trail to the trailhead is icy and muddy, so caution is recommended. You will also pass the Cave and Basin Hot Springs along the way which can be seen from the trail. There are signs that have been setup on the trail to let you know where the trail is closed. Once you have reached an open field with snow, you are at the beginning of the trailhead for the snowshoeing.

Sundance Canyon Bridge

Sundance Canyon Bridge

The trail is actually a road which leads to the Sundance Canyon parking lot. Along the way you will notice cross country tracks which are trackset by Parks Canada. The trail is also used to access other trail heads along the way. During your snowshoe along the trail, you will notice a river which gives you excellent vistas of some mountains.

Once you have reached  a certain point through the trail, you will come across an trail sign which indicates the way to the Marsh Loop.  After a while of snowshoeing, you will find that you have reached the trailhead for Healy Pass as well. Going a bit further along the trail, you will see an picnic shelter where in the summer time, you can stop for an lunch break.

Sundance Cayon picnic shelter

Sundance Canyon picnic shelter

The trail continues to wind along the road until come to the Sundance Canyon parking lot where the road finishes. During the summer months, you can cycle along the trail and lock up your bicycle with the bike racks in the parking lot. I decided to take off my snowshoes at the parking lot and walk over to the start of the Sundance Canyon.





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