Slick conditions at Sunshine Village

village from Standish - Sunshine Village

Looking into the Village from Standish

December 3/4th Tue/Wed

Updated Dec 10th Tuesday

Two new runs open from Angel & Divide.Black run South Divide & Blue run Red 90.This now gives an alternative to the Green Run which was getting borring. Pictures below.The work crew was also removing snow fences from under the Angel Chair so we can hope those runs will be open soon.

This week I will be reporting about the latest snow conditions at Sunshine Village. Once I had got parked and sorted out myself by getting my gear ready, I walked off towards the ski hill to get my ski pass scanned. Once my ski pass was scanned I was ready to begin an excellent day at Sunshine Village. The first run I thought that I would try would be Standish. This particular run was my favorite because of the variety the run offers by using an combination of moguls in the trees and stashes of powder. After getting down to the bottom of the hill, I thought about trying another run that would be more challenging for me.

Ultimately I thought that the best run to suit my needs this time would be Angel and the Great Divide. I skied over to the chair lift and boarded the lift. Once I had made it to the top of the run, I disembarked the chair lift. The snow on the run looked very slick with the sun gently shining down on the hill. I began to head down the run and found the conditions to be very hard.The only way down from Angel and Divide is by the Green Run.The other runs not yet opened.This run has a slight rise and with the cold conditions the glide is very slow and this makes this run a hard pole at the end of the hill. Once I had made it down this run, I looked at my watch and saw that it was 12:00 p.m on the dot. My stomach started to rumble, so I decided it was best to headed to Alpine Grill to eat my lunch that I had made the previous night. When I arrived at the cafeteria, I quickly noticed there was hardly anyone there because of the cold weather.

Rocks To Cover Angel Gully - Sunshine Village

The ski run – Angel Chair is still not open to the public

The temperature had risen a little in the afternoon. I headed back out to the hill and decided which run to attempt next. The Bye Bye Bowl appealed to me because of the uneven snow but I found the conditions on this run to be too hard and cruddy. Next run was on Divide. Heading down through the moguals that were calling out my name, so sliced my way through the moguals and gradually made my way down to the bottom of the hill.

Once the sun began to go behind the mountains at the hill, I decided that it was time to head back home to Canmore. I hope you have all enjoyed my post on the conditions at the hill.


Sunshine Village Banff on a very cold day.The condition of the snow was very slow due to the cold temperatures.

On the Angel Chair you can see that Sunshine Village staff are still awaiting more snow before opening the run.The Banff area is in need of more snow.

Rocks To Cover Angel Ecstacy run- Sunshine Village

There are still quite a few rocks that are covering the ski run – Angel Ecstacy Run

The wind has done it’s usaual damage and exposed a lot of rocks.

Noon in the Alpine Grill - Sunshine Village

Noon in the Alpine Grill

How often do you see so few people about at noon.The reason is because of the cold weather only the hardy are out skiing.

Looking across to the Gully below Angel

Looking across to the Gully below Angel

South Divide now open

South Divide now open


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