Norquay Sunny Hot Spring Day

Mount Norquay - Photo # 1

The sun was shining and a short trip was in order aftermorning appointments, so visited Norquay for the first time since November.I have to admit this is not my favourite hill. The runs are short and because they all start down narrow runs on a lot of man made snow they tend to be very icy.The picture above is from the Cascade Lodge with the mogul run off the North American Chair.

Mount Norquay - Photo # 2

As you can see from the picture the temperature is reading spring time.This is from the farthest chair down the valley Mystic Chair.

Mount Norquay - Photo # 3

This was my best run of the day down Brunos Gully.No made snow here.

Mount Norquay - Photo # 4

This shot is from the top of Mystic Chair,watch out it’s icy down there!!

Mount Norquay - Photo # 5

Views from the Mystic Chair in to the Bow Valley and Banff town site Mt Rundle in the center background.

Mount Norquay - Photo # 6

One last view of the runs under the chair.For those who have not visited Norquay it takes two lifts to get over to the Mystic Chair,Cascade Chair and then Spirit Chair.To get back you have to go half way down one of the runs off the Mystic Chair to a road that drops you down back to the Spirit Chair back up Spirit anouther road to the top of Cascade and back to the Lodge.




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