Little Arethusa

On the high ground at the cirque looking across at Little Arethusa

July 24 2017

Trail head for Little Arethusa is 1km south of Highwood Pass parking on Hwy 40.There is a nice grassy area to pull over on the east side of the Hwy. (Picture in gallery ) A well marked trail leads gentle up with the creek on your left. Take note on the way up because if you take the short cut back you need to find a spot to cross the creek.  On reaching a small stream with a view of the cirque stay to the right do not cross. Follow along the trail past a nice waterfall where the rock fall meets the forest. No set trail after here but you need to get on the bench of the cirque. Then make your way across to the rubble slope of Little Arethusa. Walk a ways around the rubble before heading up. Look for cairns for the trail up to the summit. There are a few cairns and trails none better than the other. Just plod to the top. Views include Mist and Storm Mt to the south Mt Rae to the north. Highwood Ridge, Grizzly Ridge and Pocaterra Ridge to the west. On the return we short cut with a little bush whacking down green slopes and trees to the creek. Once over the creek walk through the trees to the trail. See map track bottom of page.


Trail head Little Arethusa

Little Arethusa Peak

Looking back at Highwood ridge

Highwood Ridge

Summit view

The climb up to Little Arethusa

Lee on the summit

Rubble trail to the summit

Lee on the summit Highwood and Grizzly ridge behind

Ptarmigan Cirque trail from the summit

Highwood Pass parking below


Distance return 5.0 km Time return 3:30 hrs ( inc 30 min lunch ) Elevation Accumulated gain 680 m Elevation to Summit 607 m Summit height 2771 m

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