Lake Louise Jan 4th 2018

Inversion coming through from Field in BC

Jan 4th 2018

After a cold period over Christmas, more moderate weather has brought out the crowds. Once away from the lower front side of the hill the crowds disappear. We did a couple few runs from the Platter with no line ups once down Outer Limits and the other down Whitehorn 1 and over to Rodney’s Ridge. The snow was a bit crusty in some places but overall very good. A run down Skyline good snow. Down the Upshoots for lunch. After lunch checked out the Corridor to Crow Bowl snow was so good did that one twice. Went over to Brown shirt. Also down the bumps of Raven.

Busy time at Lake Louise after the New Year with the warmer weather

Long line for the Gondola


Looking down Outer Limits

From Outer limits looking North


Looking into Swede’s from from the Corridor

Coming down Crow Bowl from the Corridor


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