Lake Louise Dec 8th

At the top of the  Summit Platter Whitehorn


Dec 8th 2017

Lake Louise  under a crystal blue sky is a sight to behold. No worries about the visibility on the top of Whitehorn makes quite a change from the normal weather of late. We started by going up the gondola to drop down Ptarmigan run to Temple lodge. The run is a little icy on the side of the moguls, but by the look if the mounds of man made snow it will soon be smoothed out for the Christmas crowds. Then it was of to Paradise Chair. We did two runs there as it was sooo good. From the top of the Paradise chair we went over to the Summit Platter to try one of the numbered chutes. The road over above the start gates for the downhill races is still not plowed out, but crews were looking at it as we left so it might be done now. We went down gully 2 and found the conditions challenging. The snow is chopped up and hard to turn in. Being a steep run this is a bit disconcerting. I managed to walk out of my ski and was lucky it did not go flying down the hill. After lunch at Temple Lodge we went down Poma on Larch which was good nice soft snow and then moguls of Lynx, not to big yet . To end the day it was  a run down Raven, nice soft moguls and then back to the Platter for a run on the front side down Outer Limits. We managed to cross the down hill ski course and back to the Lodge down Cameron’s Way. A great day. Looking forward to going back. We noticed Big 7 is open so have that to try next time.

Ptarmigan run with mounds of man made snow

Looking down Ptarmigan.

Looking at Exihibtion Run Under Ptarmigan Chair

On the lift going up Paradise

A skier going down Paradise Bowl

Start of the World Cup down hill ski race

Going up the Platter to the summit of Whitehorn

Looking down into the backside chutes

Looking toward Gully 3

This is Gully 2

Gully 2 left and 3 right

This is the road over to the Platter not yet plowed out. Sunset Terrace.

Young skiers on the downhill Giant Slalom start

Mt Assiniboine center distant. From Outer Limits

Going down Outer Limits




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