Excellent Kananaskis snowshoe trip

Troll Falls is located in wonderful Kananaskis Country.  Troll Falls can be a loop that utilizes the Skogan Pass Trail. During the winter, the trail is trackset for cross – country skiing which starts at the Ribbon Creek Day Use Area. Troll Falls begins at the Stoney Day Use Area which takes you directly to the trailhead. Once on the trail, you can walk or snowshoe depending on what suits you best.

The trail is 1.6 Kilometers which follows some overhead powerlines that lead to the intersection of the Hay Meadows trail. You must turn left here and continue on walking down the Hay Meadows trail which eventally turns into the Troll Falls trailhead.  The trail will lead you through a treed area which continues on towards the end of the trail. Once you see the sign for the Troll Falls trailhead, continue walking down the trail until you come to Troll Falls. During the winter time, Troll Falls is used for ice climbing.

Troll Falls

Troll Falls

Coming back from Troll Falls, you have 2 options, the first option is you can continue walking through the treed forest (the way you came) and it will lead you back to the Hay Meadows Intersection.  From the Hay Meadows Intersection, continue walking straight and you will evetally come out at the Stoney Day Use Area.The second option is when you come to the Hay Meadows Intersection, you can turn left and continue down the Hay Meadows trail which is 1.4 kilometers, the trail is longer in distance, but well worth the walk in my opinion. trail. From the Hay Meadows trail, this trail opens up and you will find yourself walking along the Kananaskis River. While on the trail, you will notice views of the Nakiska Ski Hill and various  mountains that complete the vista. 

Nakiska Ski Hill

Looking Across at Nakiska Ski Hill

Continue on walking until you come out of the treed forest and return to the Stoney Day Use Area parking lot.



  1. strydergirl says:

    A favourite walk for me, on leash of course.

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