Crisp snow on Wawa at Sunshine Village

Went up for the morning to Sunshine Village for an couple of hours and thought it was worth reporting that for you guys who try to get away without buying a Park Pass beware. Just as you exited the highway at the overpass the parks folks were stopping all vehicles and checking passes. I saw no one stopped but then I saw no cars until I was at the parking lot.Big contrast to Sat when I heared they were parking down to the Hwy 1.

Conditions were not as good since the previous Monday when I last reported.Bye Bye Bowl was very wind swept and icy off the Divide Chair. Goats Eye was the same until you hit the tree line. Goat Glades being my favourite. As usual Wawa had the best soft snow. Angel had my best run through TP Chutes and over to Schoolmarm moguls down to the Tee Pee Lift. Did not get over to Standish.

I took only two  photos at Goats Eye. I was looking for the web cam and I think it must be on this tower near the Cleavage.

Sunshine Village - Photo # 1

Sunshine Village - Photo # 2


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