Compairing L.Louise to Sunshine Spring Skiiing

The author having a pop after another great day

The author having a pop after another great day

April 16th & 17th 2013

Thought it would be a good idea to make a comparison of the differing conditions on both hills. Lake Louise is scheduled to close May 5th. Sunshine will go to the May 20th long weekend with the famous slush cup. Both hills are in full spring mode with stages set up for weekend bands.

Lake Louise. First thing in the morning about 10:30 terrible conditions frozen snow due to the freeze thaw cycle.We went to drop off lunch backpack at Temple Lodge and had a bad run down 76 Ptarmigan. Let’s try going higher up to The Platter on our way up Ptarmigan lift a cross-country skier downloading dropped her pole, being the gentlemen we are we agreed to go down 76 Exhibition under the lift to pick it up. This is not a good run to do at the best of times mainly because it is under the lift and secondly there are patches of rocks exposed. It was a bone shaking ride on crappy frozen snow but we got the job done.


Run 43 Shoot Out

On the way over to the Platter we found a new run and that is the good part of skiing Louise the terrain is so large that you are always finding new pieces of the mountain. The run 43 Shoot Out. To get to this area traverse across from the top of the Gondola. The snow for some reason in this area was great.

Looking back up Shoot Out.

Looking back up Shoot Out.

The snow down the Chutes off the Platter are in excellent condition.


Big Horn Chute

Next over to Paradise 94 Paradise Gully great snow.Then traverse over to 92 The Heart excellent also.

The veiw from the top of the Rock Garden

The view from the top of the Rock Garden

Surprise area to try but the run is in great condition a little tricky to get into but then just great conditions.

Next day it was over to Sunshine and it did all day. Conditions were marvellous from the minute we got there. Played off the Great Divide all morning and into Tee Pee Town. Lots of fresh snow in Bye Bye Bowel.


Greg posing in front of Mt Assiniboine

Vista of the Divide Chair.

Vista of the Divide Chair.

After lunch went to Goats Eye via the Shoulder Run from under Tee Pee Town Chair.Wonderfull run in semi powder.This run is steeper than I last remember.

View of Delirium Dive from the Shoulder

View of Delirium Dive from the Shoulder

So to sum up better snow at Sunshine. Lake Louise has the more varied terrain and the need to get to the more difficult runs to get the best of the conditions.So it’s a tie at the moment but as the weather gets warmer again Sunshine due to its higher elevation will win the spring battle.






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